Welcome to the Libellus de patientia Project

This Digital Humanities resource provides a Latin edition and English translation of the Libellus de patientia (1523), a treatise composed by the Dutch humanist Cornelius Aurelius (d.1531) while he was in prison, suspected of Lutheranism.

The text survives in a single autograph manuscript: Leiden, Universiteitsbiblioteek, Vulcanius 66, fols.45r-57v. It was first edited in 2003 by Dr. Karin Tilmans (Universiteit Leiden), who provides her edition as an Open Access resource (https://karintilmans.nl/pdf/libellus.pdf).

This website provides a revised edition of Cornelius Aurelius' Libellus de patientia based on Tilmans' edition, which was developed by Samantha James in 2013 as part of her MA Thesis, supervised by Dr. Chris Nighman for the Tri-University History Graduate Program. This website also provides an English translation of Aurelius' essay On patience which Nighman revised in 2019 along with James' edition in developing this website.

Scholars are advised to credit Tilmans, James and Nighman as co-editors of the edition, and James and Nighman as co-translators of the English translation. Moreover, the URL of this website should be cited in any published or unpublished academic work, and Nighman should be notified of any citations of these sources.

©2019 Samantha James & Chris L. Nighman
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