English Translations

Many of the sources for the entries in the Manipulus florum are available in modern English translations (and other languages as well), so it would not be too difficult for users of this web resource to use the bibliographical information provided in the fons primus/fontes primi and fons proximus apparatus files for the edited topics that have been identified in order to locate a translated version of most passages. However, many of the "quotations" included in this florilegium are significantly different from the original sources from which they were derived, and a basic level of Latinity would be required to account for variants. Moreover, those quotations that have not been identified are obviously not accessible, and while most of the classical and patristic sources are available in translation, many of the medieval sources have never been translated.

It is intended that this Open Access resource will eventually provide English translations of all of the entries in the Manipulus florum. At present, translations of Thomas' original Preface and the entries under the lemma Coniugium are provided.