Manipulus florum Colloquium: 16-17 May 2014
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"New Perspectives on Thomas of Ireland's Manipulus florum / Nouvelles perspectives sur le Manipulus florum de Thomas d'Irlande" was a bilingual colloquium held at Wilfrid Laurier University in May 2014. It was open to the academic community and general public at no charge, and was sponsored by the Canadian Society of Medievalists / Société des Médiévistes Canadiens. The colloquium was made possible by a Connection Grant from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC / CRSH), a Workshop Grant from the Wilfrid Laurier University Office of Research Services, and additional support from Laurier's Vice-President: Academic, Dean of Arts, Chair of the History Department and Co-ordinator of the Medieval Studies Program. Vital administrative support was provided by Colleen Ginn and Cindi Wieg of the History Department and Medieval Studies Program, and by two student assistants: Hilary St.-Pierre (History & Medieval Studies) and Veronica Parkes (Classical Studies and Medieval Studies). Technical assistance was provided by James Popham, Knowledge Mobilization Officer in the Office of Research Services, and much advice and assistance was provided by Ruth Knechtel, Humanities Research Facilitator in the Office of Research Services.

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Virtual participants:

This colloquium was provided online as a live webcast and several remote auditors participated in the discussions following each presentation by using the Adobe Connect messaging function (

Speakers and Papers (links to audio recordings are provided following each title):

  • Xavier BIRON-OUELLET (Université du Québec à Montréal): « Entre affectus, passio et perturbatio, quels mots pour exprimer l'émotion médiévale? L'exemple du Manipulus Florum » Communication & Discussion
  • Marjorie HOPKINS (University of Guelph): "The significance of Magister in Thomas of Ireland's Manipulus florum" Presentation & Discussion
  • María José MUÑOZ JIMENEZ (Universidad Complutense, Madrid): « Les manuscrits du Manipulus florum conservés dans les bibliothèques espagnoles » Communication & Discussion
  • Nicholas MUST (McMaster University): "What a Calvinist edition of the Manipulus florum provided to French Protestants" Presentation & Discussion
  • Chris L. NIGHMAN (Wilfrid Laurier University): "Revising John of Wales' role in the creation of the Manipulus florum" Presentation & Discussion
  • Tristan SHARP (University of Toronto): "From the university to the cloister: The Manipulus florum and William of Pagula's Speculum religiosorum" Presentation & Discussion
  • Louis SHWARTZ (University of Toronto): "Thomas of Ireland's construction of 'Angelus' and 'Diabolus' and the usefulness of the Manipulus florum" Presentation & Discussion
  • Iolanda VENTURA (Université d'Orléans): "Body and soul in late-medieval preaching tools" Presentation & Discussion
  • Alan VINCELETTE (St. John's Seminary, Camarillo, California): "The lemmata 'Amor', 'Caritas', and 'Dilectio' in Thomas of Ireland's Manipulus florum: Orthography, sources, emphases, and influence" Presentation & Discussion
  • Robin WAUGH (Wilfrid Laurier University): "Patience in the Manipulus florum" Presentation & Discussion
  • Mark ZIER (San Francisco Theological Seminary): "The place of the Glossa ordinaria in the Manipulus florum" Presentation & Discussion