If one of the links below doesn't work, go to Google or Teoma and use as keywords the words that are in bold below. The first hit is usually the right place.
  1. To view PDF files on a Windows environment, download Adobe Acrobat Reader a free PDF file viewer from:

  2. To view Postscript files on a Windows environment, download Ghostscipt a free Postscript viewer for Windows from:

  3. To run LaTeX or TeX on a Windows environment, download They work very nicely together and produce PDF, DVI and Postscript files from LaTeX source files

  4. To convert Word documents to LaTeX on a Windows environment, download Word2Tex and Tex2Word from: (this is also a shareware)

  5. XEmacs is an open source text editor for Windows freely available under the GNU Public License. It can be downloaded from

  6. Maple related links:
    1. Maple is a Computational Algebra System that allows the user to perform symbolic and numeric computations, visualization, experimentation and much more. The Maple Adoption Program makes available to students the latest release of Maple, Maple 9.5, at a very competitive price.

    2. Free video-tape Maple and Matlab lessons can be accessed from any computer within the domain. See the Campus Update

    3. Free Maple Tutorials and other goodies are accessible from:

  7. Magma is a Computational Algebra System produced and distributed by the Computational Algebra Group within the School of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Sydney, Australia. Magma homepage

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