"In Kairos Preaching: Speaking Gospel to the Situation, David Schnasa Jacobsen and Robert Allen Kelly deepen our understanding of the relationship between the gospel of Jesus Christ and the circumstances of ministry. They help preachers ask the right questions of the contexts and situations underlying funerals, weddings, stewardship, injustice, and public crisis. Then, they suggest key theological commonplaces that will help preachers begin to discover appropriate messages grounded in the promises of the gospel. This book is theologically astute and immensely practical ­ a rare treat."

John S. McClure
Charles G. Finney Professor of Homiletics
Chair, Graduate Department of Religion
Vanderbilt Divinity School


"The sacrament of preaching has been the soul of Protestantism, and it is in a sorry state today. Bamboozled by slick electronic models, fearful of exceeding the attention-span of TV-conditioned congregations, and always on the lookout for the snappy one-liner, too many preachers reduce the sermon to a stained-glass sound-bite lacking in depth and substance. This book is a plea for serious preaching. It should be read by every man or woman who dares to step into a pulpit in North America today."

Douglas John Hall, C.M., Th.D.
Emeritus Professor of Christian Theology
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Also at Augsburg Fortress Canada

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