Preaching Luke in Year C:

A Bibliography for Preachers of Luke's Gospel

Biblical Resources on Luke for Preachers

Fitzmyer, Joseph. The Gospel According to Luke (2 vols.). Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1985.
–. The Acts of the Apostles. New York: Doubleday, 1998.
These commentaries are encyclopedic relative to historical issues in and behind the text of Luke.

O'Day, Gail R.. "Acts" in The Women's Bible Commentary. Carol A. Newsom and Sharon E. Ringe, eds.; Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 1992.
O'Day sees potential in using the writer's interest in erasing ethnic boundary lines between clean and unclean as a model for better gender relations.

Ringe, Sharon H. Luke. Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 1995.
Ringe's commentary does a great job of taking into account the social and historical context of the Gospel even while asking questions of what the text means for us today.

Tannehill, Robert. Luke (Abingdon New Testament Commentaries). Nashville: Abingdon, 1996.
The author offers here an accessible, narrative-critical commentary on Luke. This is an excellent choice for the preacher who wishes to ground her/his narrative preaching in solid critical exegesis.

Homiletical and Pastoral Resources on Luke

Allen, Ronald J. Preaching Luke-Acts. St. Louis: Chalice, 2001.
Allen's book is an excellent guide for those wishing to preach thematically through Luke-Acts.

Craddock, Fred. The Gospels. Nashville: Abingdon, 1981.
Craddock treats Luke in one of his chapters. He is both an excellent Biblical scholar and an insightful homiletician.

Jacobsen, David Schnasa and Günter Wasserberg. Preaching Luke-Acts. Nashville: Abingdon, 2001.
Dr. Wasserberg and I pursue a reading of Luke-Acts as a consistent narrative and explore its preaching implications in a series of sermon "scenes". We also explore some of the continuing problems that anti-Judaism poses for Biblical interpretation and preaching.

Ourisman, David J. From Gospel to Sermon: Preaching Synoptic Texts. St. Louis: Chalice, 2000.
Ourisman thinks that preachers should take the narrative shape of the whole Gospel in to account when preaching it. He devotes a whole chapter to preaching from Luke.

Smith, D. Moody. Interpreting the Gospels for Preaching. Philadelphia: Fortress, 1980.

Preaching Apocalyptic Motifs in Luke

Jacobsen, David Schnasa. Preaching in the New Creation: The Promise of NT Apocalyptic Texts. Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 1999.
I consider how to interpret apocalyptic texts in light of their language and symbols with a view toward how they relate to our present symbolic world.

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