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Welcome to the ALC's Note-taking Program!

The Accessible Learning Centre provides a note-taking service for registered students with disabilities who have been approved for this classroom accommodation. These disabilities often make it difficult for students to take comprehensive written notes in class. This means that without note-takers, these students would be at a disadvantage in their classes.

Hello ALC students and potential note-takers.

ALC students requesting notes and potential volunteer note-takers can apply through Laurier's MyLearningSpace.

Registration is easy! Follow this link: https://mylearningspace.wlu.ca

  1. Sign into your MyLearningSpace account
  2. Click on the Self Registration tab at the top right of your MyLS homepage
  3. Select the ALC Note-taking Waterloo course
  4. Enter the required course information
  5. You will receive a generic confirmation email when your request has been processed
  6. Note-takers: if you are matched, you will be granted access to the course folders so you can upload notes (we thank you!)
  7. ALC students: you will be granted access to the course folders you have registered for so you can download notes as they are available

If you are granted access to course folders that you are not enrolled in, contact us immediately.

For more information, read the information on the ALC website or contact the ALC note-taking office at:


Arts 1C9
519-884-0710 x2715

Please note: Every effort will be made to secure a volunteer note-taker for every request. Unfortunately note-taking is not a guaranteed academic accommodation and relies on the ability to recruit a volunteer.