Graduate Studies Calendar 2004-2005
The Senate and the Board of Governors of Wilfrid Laurier University and of Waterloo Lutheran Seminary reserve the right to amend the requirements and regulations contained in this Calendar, without prior notice. The respective Boards of Governors also reserve the right to make such amendments as they, the Boards, deem necessary in the schedules of fees as provided for herein.

Every course may not be offered every year or every term.

Some programs (e.g., joint programs) have regulations or requirements which are exceptions to the General Regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


Office of the Dean

Graduate Officers/Program Directors/Program Co-ordinators

Academic Schedule

The University
Heraldic Coat of Arms and University Seal
Mission Statement - The University
Mission Statement - Faculty of Graduate Studies
Graduate Studies - History and Structure

General Program Regulations
Classification of Students
Department/Faculty, Supervisor, and Student Responsibilities
Application Procedures
Admission Requirements
Course Description Information
Registration Status
Academic Standing
Degree Program Time Limits
Grading System
Master's Examinations and Course Requirements
Requirements for Submitting a Master's Thesis
Requirements for Submitting a Doctoral Dissertation and Scheduling the Oral Examination
Submission of Approved Master's Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation for Binding
Thesis Style and Format Guidelines
Doctoral Examinations and Course Requirements

University Policies
Integrity in the Conduct of Research
Ethics in Research
Conflict of Interest
Academic and Research Misconduct
Student Code of Conduct and Discipline
Ownership of Student-Created Intellectual Property
Style Guide and Equity in Communication Guidelines
Principles in the Use of Information Technology
Sexual Harassment Policy
Race Relations Policy
Records and Confidentiality

Graduate Programs and Course Descriptions
Faculty of Arts
Department of English
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Department of History
Department of Philosophy
Department of Political Science
Department of Religion and Culture
School of Business and Economics
Department of Business
Department of Economics
Faculty of Music
Master of Music Therapy Program
Faculty of Science
Department of Psychology
Faculty of Social Work
Master of Social Work Program
Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work Program
Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

Fees and Financial Support
Tuition Fees
Financial Assistance

Fellowships, Scholarships, and Medals for Academic Excellence
General Information
Fellowships and Scholarships
Scholarships - Faculty of Arts
Scholarships - Business and Economics
Scholarships - Social Work
Academic Medals

Facilities, Services and Resources

Governing Bodies, Administration and Faculty