The Board of Governors reserves the right to make changes in the fee schedule without prior notice. All fees are charged per term unless otherwise indicated. For Waterloo Lutheran Seminary fees, please see the section on Seminary Fees. Fees listed do not include GST where applicable.

Students are responsible for the payment of fees that arise from registration and are indebted to the university for fees and/or fee penalties incurred prior to the receipt of written Cancellation of Registration notification in the Office of the Registrar.

Students are responsible for residence fees incurred under the terms of the residence accommodation undertaking.

It is the student's responsibility to provide correct address information to the appropriate graduate office, the Office of the Registrar, and/or the Business Office.

Payment of Fees
Fees are charged on a per-term basis and are due within the first two weeks of each term. Fees are outlined on the following fee schedule.

Fees assessed as a result of changes to registration are due and payable at the time of assessment.

Failure to make payment in full, or to make satisfactory payment arrangements with the Business Office, in writing, by the end of the first month of a term may result in de-registration and subsequent fee penalties. All satisfactory payment arrangements must include an immediate payment of a portion of the fees outstanding.

Fees may be paid by cash, certified cheque or non-certified cheque. In the case of payments made by non-certified cheque, no refunds will be issued for at least 21 days following payment. Any financial holds which are placed on an account will not be cleared for at least 21 days following payment by non-certified cheque. Any student with a poor payment record may be required to pay with a certified cheque, money order or cash.

Credit for scholarships or bursaries will be given only if proof is presented.

Senior citizens (60 years of age by start date of lectures) are exempt from tuition for all courses but are responsible for payment of all distance education charges, incidental and/or miscellaneous fees, including the Comprehensive Student Services Fee, where applicable.

All fees are listed at the 2004-2005 rates. All fees are subject to Board of Governors' approval and may change without notice. Tuition fee increases will be in effect September 1 of each year.

These fees are for graduate programs offered at the Laurier campus. Fees for community-based programs are established based on costs.

Master's and doctoral students will be charged full- or part-time tuition based on their status at the time of admission, regardless of their registration status in any particular term. Incidental fees will be charged according to a student's registration status in a particular term.

Tuition Fee Schedule
Note: Qualifying year students will be charged fees in accordance with the undergraduate fee schedule.

Fees (pre-enrolment)
Fee Description Faculty of Arts,
Faculty of Science
MBA Faculty of Music
Faculty of Social Work
General Graduate Students
Application Fee
$75 $100 $100 $100 $50
Confirmation Deposit
(Non-refundable, but applied to first term's tuition.)* 
$500 $100
*Cancellation of your acceptance for the term specified on the offer will not result in a refund, and the confirmation deposit will not be applied to any future terms.

Fees (in-program, by term)
  MBA MMT   MSW Part-Time
(all programs except MBA)
Fee Description Domestic Inter-
Domestic Inter-
Domestic Inter-
Domestic Inter-
Domestic Inter-
Graduate Tuition2 $1788 $3940 $6666.67 $8166.67 $1000 $2105 $3940 $2105 $3940 $1150 n/a
Comprehensive Student Services Fee3 $130 $130 $130 $130 $26 $130 $130 $130 $130 $26  
Student Union Building Fee $37.69 $37.69 $37.69 $37.69 $37.69 $37.69 $37.69 $37.69    
Graduate Student Administrative Council Fee $35.24 $35.24 $35.24 $35.24   $35.24 $35.24 $35.24 $35.24    
Graduate Enhancement Levy $39.84 $39.84 $39.84 $39.84 $39.84 $39.84 $39.84 $39.84    
Graduate Student Federation Fee4 $13.20 $13.20 $13.20 $13.20   $13.20 $13.20 $13.20 $13.20    
Graduate Student Supplementary Medical Insurance5
Copyright fee $2 $2 $2 $2   $2 $2 $2 $2    
MBA Student Support and Services Fee6     $325 $325 $48.75            
Co-op Fee7 $459 $459        
Practicum Fee for part-time MSW students8                $639.85 $639.85  
Practicum Fee for two-year MMT students9     $364.15 $364.15    

1For students admitted as of September 2002, this fee is assessed on a per one-term course basis.
2Charged each term, as determined by the registration status at admission; graduate students must register for 3 terms each year unless granted a leave of absence.
3For full-time graduate students the "Comprehensive Student Services Fee" is assessed on a per-term basis. For part-time graduate students the Comprehensive Student Services Fee is assessed on a per one-term course basis. The maximum fee for a term is $130.
4Charged only in fall term.
5Optional, but must opt out in writing (with evidence of other coverage). Charged only in fall term. Contact the GSA for deadlines.
6For part-time MBA students, this fee is assessed on a per one-term course basis.
7For MA in business economics students, payable in each of terms one and two.
8Payable each term in which the student is registered in the practicum, in addition to tuition fees.
9Payable in each of the three terms of the first year.

University Health Insurance for International Students (UHIP)
2004-2005 Rates
(Compulsory unless waiver granted. See note.)
Single $532.85
Family (two people) $1065.70
Family (three or more people) $1686.65
Note: UHIP is provided through the universities to all foreign students and their dependents. It is compulsory for all eligible participants and their dependents unless they have an approved waiver. UHIP is designed to pay the cost of the hospital and medical services which may be needed and provides coverage comparable to that of OHIP. Details on eligibility are available in the UHIP brochure. If you have not been billed for UHIP, please notify the Business Office. If you have been billed for UHIP, it is necessary to complete the required application form at the Business Office. Failure to comply with UHIP regulations could result in de-registration. Enrolment guides are available in the Business Office.

(charged if applicable)
Late Registration Fee (after late registration date, but before the final day for adding courses) $90
Late Registration Fee (after the final day for adding courses) $111
Deregistration Fee (charged to students who are forced to de-register because of non-payment of fees) $28
General Graduate Student* fee (per half-credit course) $940.45
Audit Fee (per half-credit course) $479.60
Thesis Binding Fee (four copies @ $15) $60
Graduation Fee $20
Late Application to Graduate Fee $51
Transcripts (first copy) $8
    Subsequent copies if ordered at the same time $6
    Paid for on line by credit card (each) $13
Parking Permits (GST and PST extra)
--Full-time-day parking (per term; sold on a 2-term basis; expires April 30) $61.73
--Full-time-24-hour parking restricted-residence students only (per term; sold on a 2-term basis; expires April 30)) $61.73
--Visitors-permit (per day) $5
--Visitors-parking meters (per hour) $2
--Visitors-gated lot (per exit) $5
Duplicate tax receipts (per copy) $10
NSF cheque/credit card denial fee $18
Duplicate registration forms $5
Forms for insurance, etc., requested by students $6
Official Letter Requested by Students (per letter) $11
In addition to these charges, some departments may charge for specialized correspondence prepared at the request of a student.
*A General Graduate Student is a student who is registered in a graduate course for credit, but who is not enrolled in a graduate program.

Settlement of Accounts
Students who register after the late registration date must pay all fees, including late registration penalties, at the time of registration.

Any additional fees assessed after the student has registered are due and payable at time of assessment.

An additional charge of 1.25 percent per month (16.08 percent per annum) will be assessed on all accounts not paid in full.  Students paying with OSAP will be charged all penalties.

Credit for scholarships or bursaries will be given only if proof is presented.

The university reserves the right to de-register any student if suitable payment has not been made. Penalties may be applied for de-registration and subsequent re-registrations.

Any student with a poor payment record may be required to pay with a certified payment, money order or cash.

Tax Receipts
Tax receipts are available annually in February. T2202A forms are available to view and print from the WLU Web Information System T4As for bursaries and scholarships received will be mailed to your HOME address. It is the student's responsibility to provide the Graduate Studies Office with a correct and up-to-date address prior to the preparation of tax receipts.

Overdue Accounts
Overdue accounts include: fees not paid in full, parking violation fines outstanding, library (WLU, the University of Waterloo and the University of Guelph) fines, residence or food service charges, unpaid balance in the Bookstore, disciplinary obligations imposed by the Office of the Dean of Students, or charges owing to other university offices, clubs, etc.

Interest charges of 1.25 percent monthly (16.08 percent per annum) will be assessed on all outstanding balances. Students paying with OSAP will be charged all penalties.

Holds will be placed on delinquent accounts at the end of the first month of term. Individuals with delinquent accounts will not receive final grade reports, will not be allowed to register for a subsequent term, graduate, receive an official university transcript nor will an official university transcript be released on their behalf in any manner until the account has been paid in full by cash, certified cheque or money order. Holds on overdue accounts will not be released until three weeks after receipt of non-certified payment.

Overdue accounts may be referred to a collection agency.

International Student Fees
(Actual fee structures for international students are outlined in the appropriate section of the calendar.)

International fees will apply to students who do not fall into one of the following categories:

  1. A citizen of Canada within the meaning of the Citizenship Act or a person registered as an Indian within the meaning of the Indian Act.
  2. A permanent resident within the meaning of the Immigration Act, 1976:
  3. A person who is the dependent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  4. A person who has been admitted to, and remains in, Canada as an officially recognized Convention refugee within the meaning of the Immigration Act, 1976; or, is a refugee claimant who applied to the federal government for Convention refugee status prior to January 1, 1989, and can provide documentation from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to that effect.
  5. A visitor who is admitted to and remaining in Canada under clause 19(c) of the Immigration Act, 1976, for the purpose of employment (a visitor who is a graduate teaching or research assistant is excluded from this category).
  6. A visitor who is admitted to and remaining in Canada under clause 10(c) of the Immigration Act, 1976, with official accreditation from the Canadian government, who has entered Canada, or is in Canada, to carry out official duties as a diplomatic or consular officer; or as a Canadian government-accredited representative or official of a country other than Canada, of the United Nations or any of its agencies, of any intergovernmental organizations of which Canada is a member; or as a dependent or a member of the staff of any such diplomat, consular officer, representative or official accredited to Canada by the Canadian government; or a member of a foreign military force or of a civilian component thereof admitted to Canada under the Visiting Forces Act or any dependents of such personnel.
  7. A person who is a participant in the Ontario-Jiangsu Academic Exchange Agreement between the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and the Higher Education Bureau of Jiangsu Province, China.
  8. A person, admitted to and remaining in Canada under clause 10(a) or 10(b) of the Immigration Act, 1976, who is a holder of an Ontario Graduate Scholarship.
Degree Completion Fee Payment
Students who complete their program of study, including defence and submission of final copies of the thesis/cognate essay/research paper/dissertation to the Graduate Studies Office, by the end of the first month of a term will receive a full refund of tuition fees paid for that term. Students who complete their program requirements between the first day of the second month of a term and the final date to withdraw from courses without penalty of failure will be granted a refund in accordance with the refund policy of the university (i.e., 45 percent). To be eligible for a refund, students must have been registered for the term prior to completion. Students returning from inactive status or re-admitted students are ineligible for refunds.

No defence will be scheduled or held without registration being completed prior to the proposed date of the defence.

Fees for Withdrawal from the University
Charges for dropped courses apply to qualifying year students, general graduate students, or to extra courses which are paid for on a per-course basis.
Time Period Fee Penalty for Withdrawal from Program
Up to the end of the second week of classes 10 percent of tuition fee
After the last day for registration and adding courses but on or before last day for withdrawing without failure 55 percent of tuition fee
After the last day for withdrawing without failure 100 percent of tuition fee

Refund of Fees
Tuition/Incidental/Miscellaneous Fees
Students withdrawing from a program at Wilfrid Laurier University are required to obtain and complete the appropriate form, available from the Graduate Studies Office.

Credit balances in student accounts which result from adjustments and withdrawals during fall term will be held for application towards the next term's fees unless a refund cheque is requested by the student.

No refund cheques for adjustments and withdrawals will be issued until after the final day for adding of courses in a term.

Allow at least four weeks after withdrawal for processing of refunds. No refund of payments made by personal cheque will be issued for at least one month after deposit.

Refund cheques will not be processed for amounts of $1 or less.

  1. Incidental and miscellaneous fees are not refundable after the final date to add courses each term.
  2. Non-payment of fees does not constitute a withdrawal. The effective dates for course drops or withdrawals from the university will be the date such information is reported in writing to the appropriate graduate office. The portion of refund is determined by this date. There are no refunds for courses which are taken under the audit-course classification. Tuition fees are refunded on a term basis in accordance with the schedule outlined in fees for withdrawal from the university (above).
Residence Fees
Students shall be responsible for their room rent per the contract for residence accommodation. Refunds will be authorized only if an approved WLU student fills the vacancy and assumes responsibility for the balance of the residence year. Meal card refunds are effective the date the meal card is submitted for cancellation. Adjustments will be calculated based on usage or a pro-rated fee charge, whichever is greater. Refunds or adjustments to room charges will be pro-rated over the first 10 weeks of a term. Advance deposits are non-refundable.

No application for residence refund by full-time students will be considered if received after January 31.

When students are dismissed from residence for disciplinary reasons, their residence fees are not refundable and they are obligated for the full term unless in the opinion of the dean of students there are extenuating circumstances which would warrant a total or partial refund.

Withdrawal due to marriage is acceptable if proof of marriage is provided and total residence and meal card fees are paid.

Withdrawal from residence for medical reasons is acceptable when a medical statement is provided to the satisfaction of the university administration.

If social work students living in residence choose not to live in residence during their field placements, room and meal card fees will be calculated on a pro-rated basis to date of vacancy or the end of term, whichever comes later.

Employment Opportunities
Graduate students may be employed as markers, technicians, proctors or lab demonstrators. Application should be made to the appropriate department/faculty in the spring or early in September.

Graduate research assistants are employed by faculty conducting research which is funded by a research grant or contract. The pay scale is set by the granting agency or the university, and students are invited by faculty to work on these research projects.

Students seeking other part-time employment on campus (e.g. Library, Bookstore, grounds) should contact the Human Resources Office.

Bursaries and Loans
Information may be obtained from the Student Awards Office (2nd Flr, 202 Regina Street); (519) 884-0710 ext 4254; <>.

Students are urged to apply well in advance. Students applying for financial aid under the Ontario or Canada Student Loan plans should allow a minimum of eight weeks for the processing of their application.

Ontario Student Assistance Program
All students who are residents of Ontario, Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and who satisfy the admission requirements of a Canadian university or an eligible post-secondary institution in Ontario may apply for an award under this program. To receive an award, a student must establish a need for assistance and enrol in an eligible institution in the year of award. An award under this program will be made to the extent of established need. Normally assistance will be in the form of a loan. Students are encouraged to apply online at <>.

Canada Student Loan Plan
Students not eligible under the Ontario Student Assistance Plan may be eligible for a Canada Student Loan. The application form for the Ontario Student Assistance Program is used also for the Canada Student Loan Plan.
Students are encouraged to apply online at <>.

Ontario Financial Aid for Part-time Students
The Government of Ontario provides financial assistance for students who are studying part time. Students who are interested in financial assistance should address their inquiry to the Student Awards Office.

A bursary is a monetary award based on demonstrated financial need and satisfactory academic achievement. Bursaries do not have to be paid back to the university.

International Graduate Student Bursaries
These bursaries are available, based on demonstrated financial need, to full-time international graduate students.  Note that the value of these bursaries is very small when compared to the total cost of tuition.  This means that the applicant should have adequate personal financial resources apart from any help the University may provide.  Students will be assessed for the fall and winter terms.  There is no bursary assistance available for international students during the spring and summer terms.  Applications are available online at <>.

Faculty of Social Work 25th Anniversary Endowment Fund
The 25th Anniversary Endowment Fund was established by Social Work alumni, faculty, staff and friends to mark the 25th anniversary of the Faculty of Social Work. The fund provides financial aid to Social Work students experiencing financial difficulty. The value and number of bursaries may vary from year to year, and may not be awarded every year. Applicants must apply to Faculty of Social Work.

MBA General Bursary
The MBA General Bursary was established to assist full-time Laurier MBA students who have proven financial need. This bursary will be awarded annually.  Applicants must apply to the MBA Office.

Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services - Northern Bursary Program
Bursaries are provided by the Ministry of Community and Social Services for students in psychology, social work, speech pathology and persons of native ancestry interested in working in Northern Ontario. Bursary recipients are required to work in areas of the province designated by the Ministry of Community and Social Services for one or two full years in return for each academic year of bursary assistance. For further information and an application contact: Regional Director-North Operations Division, Ministry of Community and Social Services, 473 Queen Street East, 2nd Floor, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6A 1Z5.

Ray Owens Graduate Students' Association Bursary
The Association has established a $500 bursary fund in memory of Ray Owens, a founding member of the Association and the 1986-87 VP Internal. Bursaries are available to full-time Master's students at Wilfrid Laurier University. The Committee adjudicating requests for these bursaries will take into consideration the financial need of the applicant, in addition to the applicant's participation in campus extracurricular activities, community involvement, demonstrated character and resourcefulness.   Students are eligible for one bursary only. The value and number of bursaries may vary from year to year and may not be awarded every year. Applicants must apply to the Graduate Studentsí Association.

Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD)
The Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) is one of the components of the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). The BSWD combines the Canada Study Grants for Students with a Permanent Disability, which is funded by the government of Canada, with bursary funding provided by the Ontario government. The purpose of the BSWD is to help eligible students meet the disability-related costs of post-secondary education. The maximum amount of bursary assistance available is $10,000 per academic year, depending upon the applicant's situation. In order to be eligible for this bursary, students must have applied for OSAP and have been offered a student loan. The bursary is non-repayable and taxable. For further information, contact the Special Needs Office at (519) 884-0710, ext. 3086 and visit the OSAP website at <>.

Graduate Studies Bursaries
The University seeks to assist full-time graduate students who experience unexpected or emergency financial difficulties though the provision of bursaries.  To be eligible for bursary assistance, the applicant must demonstrate financial need, be registered in a full-time graduate studies program, show satisfactory academic achievement, be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and state the reasons for needing bursary assistance.  Bursary assistance is available by application for the fall/winter session and, separately, for the spring session.  Funding for bursary assistance is made possible by funds from two sources. A single bursary award may come from either source of funding or a combination of both. As per provincial government regulations, the university reserves 30 percent of any tuition fee increase to be made available to full-time students in the form of bursary assistance. Most bursary awards are granted from this fund.  As well, applicants will be assessed automatically for eligibility to receive the bursaries listed below, established by independent donors (it is not necessary to apply specifically for any of these bursaries). Applications for bursary assistance are available online at the Student Awards web site at <>.

Sandra Lynne Bresso Bursary

General Bursary Fund Ada H Huenergard Award Imperial Tobacco Canada Bursary Fund Jamie Kosalle Memorial Bursary Ron Larkin Bursary Fund The Jeff Lasovich Memorial Award Dr A B Little Bursary May Court Club Bursary The Marjorie McLean Bursary Fund Motz Family Foundation Bursary Gladys and Norman Raiter Bursary Scherer Leasing Inc Bursary Fund John H Spence Memorial Bursary Student Opportunity Trust Fund Waterloo College Alumni Award Lois Whitney Memorial Award Wilfrid Laurier University Staff Association (WLUSA) Student Bursary Fund Special Funding

Geography Thesis Research Support Fund

The Carol & Russell Muncaster Bursary Award in Geography and Environmental Studies Personal Study/Work Abroad Program Short Term Loan Fund Student Horizon Fund Student International Travel Scholarship Tri-University Doctoral Program Conference Travel Award WUC 1962 Loan Fund