Solo Works
Pulnz (2014) 3:00 solo bass clarinet
Cooking with Alice (2014) 12:00 Multiple Percussion, samples, Max patches
T'ai (2005) 8 min. Harpsichord
One Says. History Is. (2003) 28:00 solo piano
Ida, My Dear (1995) 13 min. Instrumental theatre for trumpet/actor and tape
(Text by Gertrude Stein)
A Chopstick's Fantasy ('Mildred's Thoughts') (1991) 18 min. Piano, reciter (optional)
(Text by Gertrude Stein)
In a Vernacular Way (1990) 13 min. Harpsichord.
Fragments of an Unknown Teaching (1988) 12 min. Piano
When do they is not the same as why do they (1988) 18 min. Percussion
Lagtime (1983) 8 min. Marimba
Yarrow Sticks