Forest for the Trees

(2013) 15:00

string quartet


The expression "we can't see the forest for the trees" describes an inability to be able to step back
and see a situation because of being absorbed in its details. It takes on special significance in an
era when the air we breathe and our abundance of natural resources (including forests) are endangered
by our short-sighted vision as a society. This short-sightedness also tends to prevail in our personal lives,
where our "age of distraction" makes it difficult to see the bigger picture of how the moments in our
days connect

My work is a wish for a clearer appreciation and understanding of our actions on a larger scale so
that we can then help to ensure that we can have both trees and forests in the future. Forest for the
Trees is dedicated to the memory of my father, who showed me the beauty and wisdom of countless
forests and trees. The work was written for, and premiered by, the Penderecki String Quartet.

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