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Monday, May 9

8:45 am Morning Keynote
The Road Ahead for Campus Tech
Ken Steele
Sponsored by HUAWEI
9:45 Morning Break
Science Building Atrium
10:10 am Breakout Sessions
N1001 Vendor presentation – Innovative ICT – Building Better Connected Education.
Name(s) of presenter: Joe So, CTO, HUAWEI
N1002 Lean 101: An Introduction to Lean Process Design.
Name(s) of presenter: Stephen Hunt, Queen’s University
N1042 Oauth2 mobile authentication implemented via OpenID Connect.
Name(s) of presenter: Patrick Matlock, University of Waterloo
N1044 Using Analytics to Meet Your Goals… and Budget!
Name(s) of presenter: Avalee Harlton, York University
N1057 Individualized Examination Printing: how many birds can you kill with one stone?
Name(s) of presenter: Isaac Morland,University of Waterloo
N1059 Ansible for Easy Provisioning and Application Deployment.
Name(s) of presenter: Neal Stephenson, Diego Figueroa, York University
11:10 am Breakout Sessions
N1001 Vendor Presentation – Solving Two VDI Challenges with Application Jukebox
Name(s) of presenter: Phil Spitze
N1002 The Case for Hyperconvergence
Name(s) of presenter: Adam Savage,University of Waterloo
N1042 Can I do that in the Cloud?
Name(s) of presenter: Jason Testart, University of Waterloo
N1044 It’s How You Use it: Promoting Interaction in the Online Environment
Name(s) of presenter: Christopher Alfonso, Daniel Becker, Adam Trent, York University
N1057 Vision to Reality: How Knowledge Sharing Enables Process
Name(s) of presenter: Aimee Lara Bacallan, Keith McWhirter, Queen’s University
N1059 Windows 10 Migration – Birds of a Feather
Name(s) of presenter: Stephen Markan, Greg Milligan and Manfred Grisebach, University of Waterloo
12:00 pm  Lunch
1:10 pm Breakout Sessions
N1001 Vendor presentation – Epson Introduces new 3LCD LASER Projection Technology
Name(s) of presenter: Glenn Ricketts, EPSON Canada
N1002 Transforming User Experience with PeopleSoft Fluid
Name(s) of presenter: Nick Goupinets, McMaster University
N1042 Building an information security program with students at the center /Information Security at Laurier
Name(s) of presenter: Ian Thomson, Trent University and Grant Li, Wilfrid Laurier University
N1044 Digital Literacy is Dead: Long Live Digital Literacy
Name(s) of presenter: Andrew McAllister, OCAD University
N1057 OUAC’s new Application Management System
Name(s) of presenter: David Wallace, Ontario Universities Application Centre
N1059 Bi-Modal IT and the future of Project Management
Name(s) of presenter: Vikram Chadalawada, University of Toronto
2:10 pm Breakout Sessions
N1001 Vendor presentation – Cloud Governance on the University Campus
Name(s) of presenter: Softchoice
N1002 Using SCCM for all things desktop
Name(s) of presenter: John Mayall, University of Waterloo
N1042 Active Learning Spaces: definitions & challenges
Name(s) of presenter: David Kidney, Steve Borho, Johanne Rioux, McMaster/UGuelph/Laurentian
N1044 Class Participation with U of T Web Survey (uoft.ws)
Name(s) of presenter: Brian Sutherland, University of Toronto
N1057 Office 365 Migration People-Less Personal Support
Name(s) of presenter: Kevin Macnaughton, University of Windsor
N1059 Lean IT in Service Based Organizations
Name(s) of presenter: Andrzej Gadomski, Executive Service Management Consulting
3:00 pm  Afternoon Break
Science Building Atrium
3:20 pm Breakout Sessions
N1001 Vendor presentation – The Key Points to Delivering a Modern Education Experience: The Smart Campus
Name(s) of presenter: Tracy Fleming, Avaya
N1002 Expanding your Collaboration tools boundaries
Name(s) of presenter: Neil Hopkins, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
N1042 Archeogaming and Archeology: The Potential of Video Games in the Classroom
Name(s) of presenter: Scott Gallimore, Wilfrid Laurier University
N1044 Automated Software Sales and Deployment
Name(s) of presenter: William Lewis, University of Waterloo
N1057 Enterprise Architecture: A process – not a product
Name(s) of presenter: Ladan Heit, Wilfrid Laurier University
N1059 Making it Safe to be an I in IT Team
Name(s) of presenter: Judy Russell, Queen’s University

Tuesday, May 10

10:00 am Breakout Sessions
Science Building
N1001 Authentication service for Big Wi-fi
Name(s) of presenter: Eriks Rugelis, Krzysztof Adamski, York University
N1002 Office 365 Education Open Mic with Microsoft
Name(s) of presenter: Tariq Al-idrissi & Jamie Sorgente, Trent University
N1042 Laurier Web Renewal: Creating a User Focused Website
Name(s) of presenter: Kristine Lougas, Emily Lowther, Wilfrid Laurier University
N1044 Data Security: your account vs the world/ McMaster’s approach to email security
Names(s) of presenter: Sergey Bobkin, University of Waterloo, Paul Muir, McMaster University
N1057 Virtualizing Oracle Database on VMware
Names(s) of presenter: Mike Borkowski, University of Waterloo), Jason Gorrie, University of Waterloo, Rick Roque, VMware, Inc.
11:00 am Closing Keynote
In the blink of an eye – What I learnt during my kidnapping
Jaime Leal
Sponsored by Softchoice