Research in Progress

Friesdorf, R., & Buehler, R. Planning and affect.

Friesdorf, R., Davidson, H., & Buehler, R. The role of pronouns in self description.

Friesdorf, R., Buehler, R., & Griffin, D.  Using reference class forecasting to improve the accuracy of task completion predictions.

Friesdorf, R., Buehler, R. Improving task completion prediction accuracy: The effect of focus on “other demands” on one’s time on the planning fallacy.

Friesdorf, R., Boulton, K., & Buehler, R. Lay theories of prediction biases: How do people’s theories about the planning fallacy and affective forecasting biases influence predictions and behaviour?

Boulton, K., Friesdorf, R., & Buehler, R. Self-other differences in affective forecasting: How do predictions about future feelings for positive and negative events differ for the self and others?

Boulton, K., & Buehler, R. Backward planning and visions of the future self: Exploring the effects of temporal direction on motivation

Boulton, K., Shanahan, E., & Buehler, R. Exploring the effects of temporal direction on life satisfaction trajectories.