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CP466 -- Operating Systems, Course Outline -- Fall 2001

Course Description

The course provides an introduction to the basic features of an operating system. Students will obtain an understanding of how the different components of an operating system fit together. They will write programs to interact with a particular operating system as a case study. They will also work with an operating system concepts simulator.

Prerequisites   CP216 (Microprocessor I) and CP264 (Data Structures II)

Instructor   Ilias Kotsireas,  Office 2076A,
            Office Hours TBA,  Phone 884-0710 ext. 2218  E-Mail ikotsire@wlu.ca


Stallings, William.
Operating Systems : Internals and Design Principles
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, c2001.
4th ed.
xviii, 779 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Previous ed.: 3rd ed. c1998.
Includes bibliographical references (p. [757]-769) and index.
ISBN 0130319996

Textbook Support Web Site   A link to the book support web page is available at: http://www.WilliamStallings.com

Course Website   A link to the course web page is available at: http://sauron.wlu.ca/kotsireas

Lecture Topics

operating system services, file systems, CPU scheduling, memory management, virtual memory, disk scheduling, deadlocks, concurrent processes, protection, distributed systems

Class Schedule

Fall Semester Timetable

              |   Tue     |     Thu    |
              | 8:30-9:50 | 8:30-9:50  |           Topic
	      |	  SM123   |   SM123    |
              |           |            |
Week 1:       |  Sep 11   |   Sep 13   |  Background and Introduction        
Week 2:       |  Sep 18   |   Sep 20   |  Process Description and Control     
Week 3:       |  Sep 25   |   Sep 27   |  Threads and Microkernels     
Week 4:       |  Oct 2    |   Oct 4    |  Concurrency: Mutual Exclusion     
Week 5:       |  Oct 9    |   Oct 11   |  Concurrency: Deadlock
Week 6:       |  Oct 16   |   Oct 18   |  Memory Management    
Week 7:       |  Oct 23   |   Oct 25   |  Virtual Memory    
Week 8:       |  Oct 30   |   Nov 1    |  CPU Scheduling     
Week 9:       |  Nov 6    |   Nov 8    |  I/O Management and Disk Scheduling     
Week 10:      |  Nov 13   |   Nov 15   |  File Management     
Week 11:      |  Nov 20   |   Nov 22   |  Distributed Systems      
Week 12:      |  Nov 27   |   Nov 29   |  Security and Protection      
              |           |            |

Assignment Schedule


The assignments as well as the marking schemes used, will be posted here.

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