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Performing Musical Liberation: The Flute and the Self in Improvisation Exploration and Music Therapy Practice
An Analysis of Colombian Folklore Music and the Development of Musical Resources for Clinical Improvisation
Therapeutic Music Listening in a Physioacoustic Chair: A Softball Player’s Creative Experience in Music Therapy
The Untold Story: Exploring Narratives in Improvisational Music Therapy
  Aaron J. Lightstone  
  Antonietta Mongillo  
  Carolyn K. Williams  
  Christine Lee Anne Dibble  
  Deborah Seabrook  
  Jennifer Jiwon Kong  
  Karie Rippin Bilger  
  Kimberly Manning  
  Kristen Anderson  
  Elizabeth L. Mitchell  
  Marc Houde  
  Matsumura-McKee Naoko  
  Noreen Kirwin Donnell  
  Rachael Finnerty  
  Rachel Suljic  
  Sarah Rose M. Black  
  Tanya Lavoie  
  Tonya Castle  
  Master of Music Therapy Major Research Papers at Laurier:


Sara Pun
"Balinese Music and Music Therapy".
Supervisor: Dr. Colin Lee

Joanna Parsons
"Reconstructing the boundaries of alzheimer's and dementia: Clinical improvisation as a mindful experience in long term care".
Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Patricia Deek
"Adolescents' Use of Improvisation to sound their dreams and explore identity"
Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Anita Ayling
"An exploration of the components and processes in which music therapists establish clinical relationships."
Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Sherry Bedirian
Speaking through music! The role of music therapy in speech development for a developmentally challenged child
Supervisor : Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Davina Leong
Exploring interdisciplinary team perspectives: Team members' processes of understanding music therapy
Supervisor : Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Demian Kogutek 
Tango Improvisation in Music Therapy
Supervisor: Dr. Colin A. Lee

Dan Rose
The Bass Guitar as a Clinical Instrument in Music Therapy. 
Supervisor: Dr. Colin Lee

Valerie Sheese
In His Own Words: Experiences of Music Therapy from a Client's Perspective
Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Arnason


Joel Kroeker
"Jungian Archetypal Music Psychotherapy:An Ethnomusicological Heuristic Case-Study of Individuation through Multi-Media Improvisation"
Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Naoko Matsumura McKee
"Finding therapeutic application of the violin for music therapy"
Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Tanya Lavoie
"What musical elements influence emotions and images evoked by lullabies from different cultures?"
Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Angela Sloman: Authentic Voice.
Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Christine Dibble
An inquiry Into the collective identity of music therapists in Canada
Supervisor : Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Kimberly Manning
Investigating the meaningful elements of familiar music and implications for music therapy practice
Supervisor : Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Teresa Schettini
Defining a collaborative approach to music therapy
Supervisor : Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Kristen Anderson
Playing the Precuneus: Music Therapy After Acquired Brain Injury
Supervisor: Dr. Colin A. Lee

Rachel A. Sulic
Sounding Faith: Defining a Relationship Between Music Therapy and Chriatianity
Supervisor: Dr. Colin A. Lee


Diana Jaramillo
"Columbian Folklore for Clincial Improvisation: An Analysis of Cumbia, Currulao and Bambuco, and Development of Musical Resources for Clinical Improvisation" Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Grace Lee
"Therapeutic Music Listening in a Physioacoustic Chair: A Softball Player's Creative Experience in Music Therapy" Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Kelly Pushcar
"Identifying Yourself: A Music Psychotherapy Model" Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Hannah You
"The Untold Story: Exploring Narratives in Improvisational Music Therapy" Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Amanda Schenstead
"Performing Musical Liberation: The Flute and the Self in Improvisation Exploration and Music Therapy Practice" Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Arnason


Linda Gambell
“S Wonderful. The Use of Music from Broadway Shows in Music Therapy Practice” Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Kimberly Moffit
“The Microphone as a Mirror: Therapeutic Digital Music Production with Teenagers in a High School” Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Monique McGrath
“Indian Ragas in Music Therapy” Supervisor: Dr. Colin A. Lee

Michelle Quan
“Self in Sound: Exploring Interactions of Two Music Therapists in Improvisation” Supervisor: Dr. Colin Lee


Marc Houde
“Blues Improvisation Resources: An analysis and synthesis of the aesthetics of the blues and applications in clinical improvisation” Supervisor: Dr. Colin Lee

Cheryl Jones
“Exploring Music Therapists’ Responses to the Expressed Spiritual Need of Clients” Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Jennifer Kong
“An Initial Investigation into the Music Therapy Process: A Single Case Study at a Long Term Care Facility in Ontario, Canada” Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Elizabeth Mitchell
“Therapeutic Music Education: Linking the Philosophies of Educators and the Experiences of Students with Music Therapy” Supervisor: Dr. Colin Lee

Marissa Wu Feria
“Clinical Musicianship in Music Therapy: Awakening the Inner Musician” Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Deborah Seabrook
A World of Our Creation: “Exploring Consciousness in Clinical Improvisation with a Girl Experiencing Mental Health Issues”
Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Arnason


Marinet Driessen
“Musical Decision-Making in Music Therapy” Supervisor: Dr. Colin Lee

Anne Fay
“Imaginative Self Expression: a multi-faceted analysis of the use of storytelling in music therapy” Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen and Dr. Colin Lee

Adrienne Flight
“Learning to Accept: How Music Therapists Become Value-Receptive” Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Christelle Jacquet
“Music Therapy and Pediatric Care: The impact on the child and parent relationship” Supervisor: Dr. Colin Lee

Tomoko Okumura
“Cultural Identity and Music Therapists Interpretation of an Improvisation: An Explorative Inquiry into Clinical and Personal Considerations” Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Jacqueline Seo
“Mahler’s Expression and Sublimation of Illness: Implications for Music Therapy” Supervisor: Dr. Colin Lee

Christine Weldon
“A Road to Discovery and Growth: The Impact of Music Therapists’ Self-Awareness on Their Clinical Work” Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Arnason


Leanne Kearsey
“Creating a safety net: the use of structure in music therapy” Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Shirley Khalil
“Converging Professional Paths: A collaborative Analysis of Music Therapy” Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Antonietta Mongillo
“Non-verbal Clients in music therapy: The Discovery of Motivation in Communication” Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Janet Zadorsky
“A Symphony of Dialogues: The Presence and Sounds of Spirituality in Music Therapy” Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen


Andrea Lamont
“Burnout of operatic proportions: the impact of trauma on the experience of burnout of Canadian music therapists” Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Aaron Lightstone
“YO! Can Ya Flow? A qualitative study of hip hop aesthetics and original rap lyrics created in group music therapy in an urban youth shelter” Supervisor: Dr. Colin Lee

Sung Yong Shim
“The Analysis of Clinical Improvisation” Supervisor: Dr. Colin Lee

Michelle Song
“Culturally driven analysis of music therapy sessions: discovery of therapist’s value system” Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen


Caryl Ann Browning
“The Girl Nobody Knew – Music Therapy in the development of relationship: self discovery on the journey to motherhood” Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Noreen Donnell
“Messages through the music: musical dialogue as a means of communicative contact” Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Melissa Jessop
“A Model of musical self-actualization an identified in a music therapy group with persons affected by Dementia” Supervisor: Dr. Rosemary Fischer

Susan LeMessurier Quinn
“Finding balance in the music therapy relationship exploring the therapist’s musical identity” Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Arnason

Adrienne Pringle
“Giving a voice to dying: themes found in palliative care professionals’ responses to clinical improvisation with near-death patients” Supervisor: Dr. Colin Lee

Ruth Roberts
“Voices of authenticity and integrity: a music therapist’s self-inquiry in working with children facing life-threatening illness” Supervisors: Dr. Carolyn Arnason and Dr. Heidi Ahonen

Laurel Young
“Examining significant music therapy experiences from the perspectives of individuals living with HIV/AIDS” Supervisor: Dr. Colin Lee