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Student Life Levy Application

Please complete the following online application.

Questions can be directed to Janet Robinson, Leadership Gift Officer at sll@wlu.ca

Upon completion of the project, successful applicants must submit an accountability report outlining how the funds were used,
the benefits of the project to undergraduate students and how the gift from the Students' Union was recognized.

My project is for: * Waterloo Campus    Brantford Campus    Multi-Campus
I am a student who is applying for student-based project that is not associated with any academic department at WLU. I understand that, if my project is approved, the Students' Union will manage the funds of the project.

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(Please describe how your project will enhance undergraduate student life. In particular, your application should align with either increased opportunity for students to engage in activities leading to improved personal health & wellness or increased opportunity for undergraduate students to engage each other and their environment in a culture of learning outside of physical classroom space.)
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- 510105 (Grant - Special)
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