PEB2008 The Political Economy of Bargaining
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The Political Economy of Bargaining

Modern political economy is a rapidly growing field, a fusion of economics and political science. In a political economy context, bargaining focuses on the issues that arise when self-interested actors with partially conflicting preferences make joint decisions over public policies. Conflicts play out differently depending on the political institutuion; discussion will include the implications of direct versus represntative democracy and presidential versus parliamentary systems.
PEB 2008, 24-26 April 2008, Waterloo Canada

The topics include but are not limited to:
- intra-party bargaining
- legislative bargaining
- bicameral bargaining
- bargaining in dynamic settings
- bargaining over multidimensional public goods
Selected papers from PEB 2008 will be published in a special issue of Social Choice and Welfare, Springer.

Participation to PEB 2008 is by invitation only.

Financial Support
Some financial support maybe available for some participants pending funding applications. Details to be posted on this webpage.