Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Concerns as they Relate to BU111/121

One important goal of this course is to offer a positive educational experience for the student through lectures, in class discussions, group work, presentations and assignments. During the course, it may be necessary to divulge students' names, ID numbers, clicker information, marks or other personal information to other members of the class. Every reasonable effort will be made to keep the personal information of the student private and secure. The following measures have been put in place to balance the requirements of the course with the need to protect personal information:

  • Exams and assignments will only be released to the student who submitted them. If a student is uncomfortable with their name being called in class, he or she should contact the instructor the day before the assignment is to be returned.
  • Marks will only be released through our password-protected marks and registration site: for BU111 and for BU121. Neither TAs nor instructors will post marks or divulge marks over e-mail or via the telephone. Marks will only be discussed in person after showing a valid student identification card.
  • The individual circumstances or performance of a student will not be discussed immediately before, during or after class. A student wanting to review their performance or discuss personal circumstances affecting their performance should make an appointment to speak to the instructor in private during office hours. Given that the TA office is a shared office for all the teaching assistants, if the student wishes to discuss personal information in private with his/her teaching assistant, alternate arrangements should be made in advance.
  • Group work is a necessary component of this course. This will involve disclosure of some personal information to other class members in order to assign topics, arrange groups, submit, evaluate and return work. Enrolment in the course is deemed to be consent to such necessary disclosure.
  • Class participation is a vital component of this course. This may involve the use of class lists, name tags, posting on webct bulletin boards, chat rooms, in class discussion etc. If a student is uncomfortable with his or her name being disclosed in these formats, he or she should bring this matter to the attention of the instructor during the first week of class so that alternate arrangements can be made.
  • Student email will only be responded to if it is from the student?s WLU or UW e-mail account. Students should not contact the instructor from any other email.
  • Peer evaluations may be used in this course. These evaluations will be held in confidence and will only be disclosed to the student whose mark is affected. Such disclosure will be in an aggregate form only. Individual peer evaluations will not be disclosed. If this is unacceptable to the student, prior alternate arrangements must be made with the instructor.
  • The record of the student's progress throughout the course will be maintained by the instructor for a period of one year after completion of the course. Some instructors may retain student records for a longer period of time.
  • Sign in sheets will be used to record attendance at exams. If a student does not wish to sign the sheet, he or she should bring this fact to the attention of the proctor before the start of the exam.

If a student is concerned or needs to make special arrangements to accommodate specific privacy issues, he or she must bring these matters to the attention of the instructor within the first week of classes so that reasonable accommodations can be made or an alternate course can be selected by the student.

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